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Welcome to Pharaoh Care

Pharaoh Care is committed to providing quality care and maintaining a quality management system to build and maintain a culture of continuous quality improvement.

Pharaoh care will:

  • Adhere to Human Services Accreditation Framework standards and participate in quality review processes to confirm adherence to these standards.
  • Involve staff, corporate governance body, people who receive service and other stakeholders in service review processes.
  • Document improvement plans, activities and outcomes.
  • Gather information on performance by tracking complaints, incidents and achievements and use this information to inform continuous improvement.
  • Report internally on progress and performance.
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement.

We look forward to working with you to stay as independent and healthy as possible. If you have any queries regarding any of our services or the information kindly contact us.


Pharaoh Care Disability Service commenced in January 2019. The organisation is better known as PHARAOH CARE which means “Pharaoh is an old Egyptian history that brought most of the Sciences and skills to the new civilization”.

Pharaoh Care was established to provide Disability care for functionally dependent people in the Cairns and surrounding district. Our main aim is to help people living with a disability to retain independence and regain function!

Put simply we see our job as:
“To help our clients to maintain their level of independence to live actively within the environment of their own home and within the community”


For our clients, community, staff, management, and each other.
Acting honestly and transparently in all our dealings and being committed to the interest of our community.
To meet the needs of the client as a priority.
A commitment to our clients and the quality of our work.
Ongoing capacity building across all levels of the organisation.
Promoting cultural awareness and respect.
Enhancing clients ability to live independently.


Pharaoh Care’s vision is to be the service provider of choice for disabled people in Cairns and surrounding district by working in partnership with individual clients and their carers to enrich individual quality of life.


Our mission is to provide flexible and reliable disability support services supporting our clients to live independently within the community.

To do this we provide support services to people with a disability. We provide help at home, give support to get the eligible clients out into the community.

Here at Pharaoh Care, we are committed to providing high-quality care and support that meets the needs of all our clients.

Pharaoh Care Model of Service Delivery

Pharaoh Care is an NDIS provider. Pharaoh Care supports the people with a disability to live independently and participate in a variety of activities away from home.

Pharaoh Care will meet with you to discuss your individual needs and goals to develop a plan for service delivery. Our model of service delivery is flexible and responsive and we can support you to access social, recreational and developmental opportunities while still encouraging carers to continue in their role.

The model of service delivery focuses solely around meeting the needs of you and/or your carer. We will encourage you to identify goals, which could include independence, wellness and reablement. These will form the basis of your Client Agreement and Care Plan.


What do we mean when we say independence, wellness and reablement?

Independence means we don’t start doing things for you that you can do yourself. The last thing that we want to do is make you dependent on our workers. We want to help in such a way that you are still in control of things in your life.

Wellness emphasises identifying needs, aspirations and goals to keep you independent and engaged with the community. It acknowledges and builds on strengths and has a focus on integrating support services as a path to greater independence and quality of life.

Reablement emphasises assisting people to regain functional capacity and improve independence. Similar to rehabilitation, it is goal-oriented and aims at full recovery where possible – it seeks to enable people to live their lives to the fullest.

Pharaoh Care operates under the following fee principles:

  • All clients assessed as having capacity to pay are to be charged fees.
  • Inability to pay cannot be used as a basis for refusing service to people who are assessed as requiring a service.
  • Fees charged will not exceed the actual cost of service provision
  • Fees will not be charged in respect of services such as information and advocacy
  • The fee charged for a service will be all-inclusive and cover all material used in delivery of the service with the exception of dressings.
  • The revenue from fees is used to enhance and/or expand services.
  • Procedures for the determination of fees are documented and available on the website
  • Procedures for the determination and collection of fees will consider the situation and special needs of individuals.

Paying for services

A person will never be denied care and services because of their inability to pay a fee for reasons beyond their control.

Your fees will be reviewed periodically and on request when there are changes to your financial circumstances.

Each client has the responsibility to pay fees specified in the Client Agreement. If there are any changes to your financial circumstances contact Pharaoh Care and we will negotiate an alternative arrangement.

Ph: 07 40311771
M: 0499 266 476

Pharaoh care will ensure that all handling of your money by staff will be correctly recorded and accounted for, to ensure your money is secure from inappropriate use.

An invoice will be also be provided for services or collected at point of service e.g. transport.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS is a new way for people with disability to get the care and supports they need to live a better life. The NDIS recognizes that everyone is different and gives people with disability more choice and flexibility.

There are different types of support provided through the NDIS, including:

  • Special accommodation, such as group homes.
  • Support for people to stay in their own home – for example, someone comes into your home to help with everyday tasks.
  • Help going to school or looking for a job.
  • Help with new support aids like a wheelchair or a communication device.
  • Help going to appointments and activities in the local community.
  • Learning new skills like cooking, using computers or managing your money.

Know about me

My name is Sam Mahdi, I have both business acumen and considerable experience working with the disabled, coupled with excellent communication skills that emanate from life experience.

Born in Egypt, I have achieved a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1996 and worked in senior management positions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar before coming to Australia in 2008.

Management jobs were hard to come by for migrants, and I wasn’t one to sit around waiting for work to fall in my lap.

Seeing a sign advertising work in a timber mill, I found myself employed in a menial position in abysmal working conditions.  Hard work, dedication, and determination paid off, and I was rewarded very quickly by a promotion to Supervisor, my manager recognised my strong work ethic and capability.

After two years, I set my sights on the mining industry, completing numerous tickets, but a spell in aged care I saw jettison that career in favour of working in a caring environment.  I did found a vocational niche and never looked back since, completing extensive training and achieving qualifications that have taken me around Australia (Mount Gambier SA, Kalgoorlie WA, Cairns, Mareeba, Port Douglas, Thursday Island, Aurukun QLD, and Uluru, Wadeye NT) working in aged care and disability services since 2010.

Nearly ten years on my interest and profound understanding of disability services and the NDIS has led me to assist others in unraveling the mysteries of the new scheme.

Providing a friendly, one on one, professional and individualised service, I have proven ability to assist you with all your NDIS queries, including how the NDIS works,  eligibility, applying, understanding your plan, and generally translating complex theory to workable solutions for you and those in your care.

Do you have any questions or concerns?

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